In Southern Albania, amidst a backdrop of religious plurality and historical complexities, the Catholic community thrives under the diligent stewardship of 83 missionaries, including priests, religious and lay families. Despite the small number of Catholics- 4,000 and counting-, concentrated in a predominantly Muslim and Orthodox region, their faith is burgeoning.

Bishop Giovani Peragine, a Barnabite missionary and Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania describes the situation as a “missionary emergency,” a critical period of spiritual reawakening. “From the liveliness of the spirit among our people, it is clear that Southern Albania is experiencing a true missionary emergency. Our small Christian communities, though few, are intensely connected to the Catholic Church. They gather regularly for the Word and the Eucharist whenever possible, drawing strength from each other and their newfound faith,” he explains.

This mission hinges on the transformation of lives through a deep, listening faith. “The initiation into Christian life here is a journey of listening, which makes those preparing for baptism fall in love with Christ, the Church, and the sacraments,” says Bishop Peragine. This process culminates not just in the reception of sacraments but in fostering a mature Christian mentality that embodies the teachings of the Gospel.

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The region’s spiritual revival is significant, yet the number of missionaries and resources are insufficient to meet the growing interest in the Catholic faith. Many young people, moved by the legacy of faith despite past persecutions, are coming forward, desiring baptism and a deeper connection with God. “This past Easter, I had the privilege of baptizing 27 adults, including men over sixty, all from Muslim backgrounds, concluding their long journey of catechumenate,” shares Bishop Peragine.

Your support through can help address this emergency by providing resources for building chapels, supporting catechetical training, and maintaining the missionary presence that is so vital for continuing this transformation. Each donation is a step towards nurturing a resilient Catholic community in a region that has faced great trials but is now experiencing a bloom of faith, watered by the grace of God and the legacy of martyrs.

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“Every prayer, every donation, and every shared story helps bridge the gap between a challenging past and a hopeful future,” Bishop Peragine adds. Join us in supporting these brave souls in Southern Albania, where every contribution makes a profound impact on this vital mission field.

Support the revival of faith where it is most needed. Join us in this crucial mission to plant seeds of hope and nurture the growing Catholic community in Southern Albania!