Hear Our Voices

Stories from those in need.

Hear Our Voices

Stories from those in need.

The Pope's man in
South Africa (and soon to be Thailand)

Today we introduce you to Archbishop Peter Wells, born a few moons ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has worked in the Vatican's Secretariat of State and several nunciatures, meaning embassies from the Holy See worldwide.

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Saving souls,
one cookie at a time

“The prayers and sacrifices of children are powerful to God. I don’t know if you ever saw a child praying, but their kindness and sense of awe is bound to mobilize you..." said Sister Marie Jaqueline from St. Joseph’s School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Building peace, giving hope in South Sudan

Six years after the end of a decades-long bloody war that ended in 2005, South Sudan got its independence from Sudan, becoming the youngest nation in the world.

Three important stories we wish we didn't have to share

Life in some Mission countries such as Nicaragua, Ukraine and Nigeria, is dangerous, even deadly, and those serving in these territories need our help. 

Helping Gogos in Malawi

In Malawi, “gogo” is the word for grandmother. Gogos are the poorest of the poor. Many have lost their children to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and have orphaned grandchildren to love and care for.

Helping the Children in the World's Poorest Country

Burundi is a small landlocked country in the African Great Lakes region in central Eastern Africa, and based on gross national income - $270- it is the world’s poorest country.